TEAS supports European and Azerbaijani businesses, providing a platform for organisations to strengthen their existing business relationships and a programme of networking opportunities designed to develop new contacts across the regions.

TEAS operates a series of events throughout the year, including: lectures, round-table discussions, trade missions, forums and conferences including the annual TEAS Business Forum, all of which facilitate not only professional information exchange but also inter-cultural exchange.

The audience participate in a question and answer session at the TEAS Business Forum 2012

A Q&A session at the TEAS Business Forum 2012

What we offer our members:

  • Expert advice and consultation to assist in the establishment of your business activities in Azerbaijan and Europe
  • Market analysis tailored to your individual requirements
  • Access to a broad network of decision makers in both markets
  • High-level business introductions
  • Provision of a expert to accompany you at your initial meetings with Azerbaijani businesses
  • Free access to events, conferences, forums and other TEAS events that take place throughout the year.

For more information about how TEAS can assist your business, sponsorship opportunities, and events please contact: