Azerbaijan’s anti-corruption measures taking effect

The anti-corruption measures implemented by the Azerbaijani Government have been welcomed in a report released by the Group States Against Corruption (GRECO). GRECO, established in 1999 by the Council of Europe, monitors states’ compliance with the organisation’s anti-corruption standards.

The findings of GRECO’s Third Round Compliance Report follow the Group’s Third Round Evaluation Report on Azerbaijan in relation to corruption and transparency in party funding. The Evaluation report, published in 2010, outlined the existing shortcomings and laid-out 17 recommendations to combat corruption more effectively in the country.

The Compliance Report assessed the measures taken by the Azerbaijani authorities to comply with GRECO’s 17 recommendations and shows that seven have been implemented fully and six have reached the stage of partial implementation, demonstrating progression in the country’s efforts to tackle corruption.

GRECO praised Azerbaijan’s efforts in combating corruption, noting that only four of the recommendations remained outstanding just two years after the initial report was published.

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