CNN stops at Shaki City on the Silk Road

As part of its Along the Silk Road series, CNN has dedicated an episode to the city of Shaki in northwest Azerbaijan. The series explores the historic Silk Road, a 4,000 mile trade route connecting Asia and Europe; examining the export-driven economies of countries with large reserves of natural resources identified as regions that are expected to experience rapid growth over the next 25 years.

Described as the ‘market centre on the silk route’, the city of Shaki linked Daghestan, Russia, to the northern trade routes through the Caucasus.

CNN journalist Jim Boulden visits the local caravanserai, a traditional rest stop for travellers and traders; a 12th Century church; the 18th Century Palace of Shaki Khans; a silk factory; and speaks to Ilgar Agayev, Manager of the Community-based Tourism Organisation, Shaki.

The report can be viewed below: