TEAS Belgium congratulates top Azerbaijani students

In order to celebrate the end of the Belgian academic year, TEAS Belgium has gathered a number of Azerbaijani students for lunch in the presence of H.E. Emin Eyyubov, Azerbaijani Ambassador to Belgium, and Head of Mission to the EU.

The initiative was undertaken to facilitate an exchange of views between 15 students from the College of Europe in Bruges and the Free University of Brussels (VUB) regarding their experiences and impressions from their time in the city. The students were invited to a lunch buffet in order to share perspectives on their stay in Belgium. TEAS’ aim was to promote fruitful dialogue between the bright Azerbaijani students who are destined to become tomorrow’s policy-makers.

Ambassador Eyyubov commented: “Today, young people have so many opportunities. If bright Azerbaijani youths are present in Belgium, this offers them a unique vision on Belgium, the EU and the world. It helps them to fulfil their ambitions and spread the voice of Azerbaijan.”

Roman Huna, Head, TEAS Belgium, explained: “These young, talented Azerbaijanis lived in Belgium for a year, and studied at various faculties in the most prestigious Belgian universities. In its role as an information platform, TEAS has brought together these exceptional people and facilitated the exchange of ideas between these young Azerbaijanis, all of whom have a most promising professional career ahead of them.”

For many years, Azerbaijani students have come to Belgium to study, thereby promoting educational and cultural exchange between the two countries and with EU institutions. Indeed, Brussels, as a European capital, hosting the main EU bodies, provides a unique experience for young professionals aiming to participate in European policy-building.

Gunel Naghiyeva, Student at the College of Europe (Bruges) remarked: “We thank TEAS for this initiative. My fellow students and I are very grateful about this chance to share our visions with experienced people in order to understand what our future could bring us.”

In the future, TEAS Belgium will continue to promote this type of dialogue, playing a leading role in promoting constructive dialogue by organising Azerbaijani events to raise awareness of the unique, rich and varied culture of Azerbaijan and the South Caucasus.