TEAS quizzes Cameron

TEAS was pleased to be invited to a briefing at Chatham House, London, delivered by David Cameron, Leader of the Conservative Party, together with members of the Conservative front bench. Following the speech, entitled How Britain can best address the threats of the 21st century, the only question from a non-media source was posed by Lionel Zetter, Public Affairs Advisor, TEAS, in an attempt to establish the extent to which energy security will be an issue on the agenda of a prospective Conservative administration. Zetter enquired: “Are you, Mr Cameron, and your team aware of the extent to which the Russians and the Chinese are buying up all the oil and gas from Central Asia and the Caucasus regions?”

Cameron agreed that energy is a priority, stating that the Conservatives would soon launch their Energy Green Paper. He then referred to Pauline Neville-Jones, Shadow Security Minister and National Security Adviser, who agreed that Europe had failed to secure its interests in the Caucasus, stating that the Foreign and Commonwealth Office had been unable to promote the UK’s interests in this area, with energy security now being regarded as top priority.