UNICEF auction: purchase the Ulduz Buta doll

Tilmann Grawe, the famed Paris-based fashion designer, has created the striking Ulduz Buta doll, commissioned by TEAS France. This will be auctioned on 3 December at the Petit Palais, Paris, during the tenth UNICEF Les Frimousses de Créateurs event to facilitate the vaccination of children in Darfur, Sudan. This auction features dolls that have been decorated by some of the world’s leading fashion designers.

Officially born on 30 August 1991 – the day that Azerbaijan regained its independence – the shape of the unique Ulduz Buta doll represents the buta form, and is covered in small buta elements. In Sanskrit, ‘buta’ means ‘fire’, and in Azerbaijan it relates to the ancient Zoroastrian religion. On the Ulduz Buta doll, the buta forms are coloured blue, green and red, which are the colours of the Azerbaijani flag.

Advanced bids are currently being taken on Le Figaro website. Simply register at the right corner on ‘S’inscrire à la vente’ at http://bit.ly/ulduzbuta and then click ‘émettre un ordre d'achat’.

A Press Conference will take place at the Petit Palais on 26 November at 18.00hrs.