Dentons – a TEAS member company – has launched the 2017 edition of its Investing in Renewable Energy Projects in Europe guide. The renewable energy market is never static. Technical advances and the increased prevalence of competitive tendering mechanisms are driving down costs globally. Changes in political and economic conditions can trigger regulatory changes that transform the climate for such projects in a country overnight – and not always for the better. 

Across Europe as a whole, the renewables industry continues to expand and develop. This is potentially also the case for Azerbaijan, which is replete with wave, wind and solar energy. This has led to the establishment of the Azerbaijani State Agency for Alternative and Renewable Energy, which is masterminding a $330m project to commission an elevated 200MW wind farm in the Caspian Sea, which should reduce natural gas demand by at least 200,000m3.

Commercial success in the renewables sector continues to hinge on understanding current and anticipating future trends, spotting opportunities as they arise, minimising risk and implementing an agile business model that is capable of surviving shocks and uncertainties.

The guide can be downloaded from and highlights key regulatory developments, giving snapshots of the prospects for renewable energy projects in 16 jurisdictions across Europe and Central Asia, including Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain, Romania and Turkey.

Dentons produced this guide in co-operation with Recharge, the global source for renewable energy news and intelligence.