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TEAS funds and supports Our Talents – Our Future, a non-profit, non-governmental organisation that provides free education to academically gifted children from disadvantaged backgrounds in Sumgait, Azerbaijan.

In April 2011, TEAS established a Resource Centre at Our Talents – Our Future to offer students free additional training, further developing the educational curriculum provided by the programme. The centre has 80 student places, and has had a total of 200 students since 2011, with graduate students going on to achieve success in subject Olympiads and higher education entrance examinations.

In addition to academic teaching, the TEAS Resource Centre also encourages students to expand their horizons, to think logically and independently, and to express their thoughts freely, fluently and articulately.

Classes are designed to be both engaging and comprehensive, with students’ progression being monitored by ongoing tests and examinations; this enables subject teachers to identify areas that require improvement.

About Our Talents – Our Future:

Our Talents – Our Future is a non-governmental, non-profit organisation registered in England and Wales under number 6718806.

Our Talents – Our Future focuses on teaching the academic subjects that it believes are the most significant for developing the skills needed to further Azerbaijan’s economic development.

Sumgait is located 30km north of Baku and is Azerbaijan’s third largest city. It has a population of approximately 360,000 – about 1/6th of which are Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs). A relatively young city, Sumgait was founded as an industrial centre in 1949 during the Soviet occupation. The region was subject to severe pollution, created by the Soviet chemical plants in the area, which have since been closed.

Our Talents – Our Future is also focused on fostering community development by ensuring that each pupil that joins the programme enters into a commitment to carry out community work in exchange for the services provided to them. This approach not only develops a sense of social responsibility, but also benefits the wider community.