Azerbaijanis assaulted in French Assembly

Press Release: On 26 February 2013, during a conference organised by the French Bureau of the Armenian Cause at the National Assembly in Paris entitled 25 Years after the Sumgait Pogroms, the Present Situation and Future Perspectives for the People of Nagorno-Karabakh, two Azerbaijanis were beaten up inside the National Assembly. 

Mirvari Fataliyeva, a French woman of Azerbaijani descent, and who is the President of the Maison de l'Azerbaïdjan in Paris, and Vusal Huseynov, a young Azerbaijani student, were beaten up when they tried to point out that 26 February is the 21st anniversary of the tragic events at Khojaly, when 613 civilians were killed by Armenian armed forces. None of the audience, including the MPs present, tried to help the two Azerbaijanis and prevent them from being attacked. 

The European Azerbaijan Society (TEAS) strongly condemns all such acts of violence. This particular incident was all the more shocking because it occurred within the precincts of the National Assembly. 

The victims were hospitalised as a result of their injuries, and they have reported the incident to the police. 

Eliza Pieter, Head, TEAS France, said: “It is regrettable that the Armenians, who always claim they want peace, react with violence when their version of history is challenged, in reality. This incident also sadly shows that Armenians and Armenian supporters in France are not yet ready to openly discuss the massacres that happened in the past. The events at Sumgait were indeed tragic, with both ethnic Armenians and Azerbaijanis being killed. However, the incident was investigated, and the individuals who perpetrated the killings were convicted. Nobody has ever been brought to justice for the massacre at Khojaly.” 

The Azerbaijani Ambassador and several French Senators have already condemned the violence and injuries inflicted on Mirvari and Vusal. TEAS hopes that the President of the French National Assembly will speak up and join in the condemnation. France is the Republic of liberty, equality and fraternity and such acts of violence should never have occurred."