EU–Azerbaijan's readmission agreement demonstrates Azerbaijan’s commitment towards combating illegal immigration

Press Release: On 28 February, a readmission agreement was signed between the European Union and Azerbaijan (15594/13). This is indicative of Azerbaijan’s commitment towards combating illegal immigration in European member states. 

The move also demonstrates Azerbaijan’s co-operative spirit towards implementing an effective procedure whereby unauthorised persons will be identified and returned to Azerbaijan in a safe and orderly manner. Travel documents will be issued within five working days. 

The agreement specifies the readmission obligations of Azerbaijan and those of the European Union, and outlines the readmission and transit procedures.

“This important agreement will also simplify the travelling of Azerbaijani citizens to all EU countries in the Schengen zone, and vice-versa. It also shows the importance of the Vilnius Summit for the rapprochement between Azerbaijan and the EU”, concluded Dr Roman Huna, Head, TEAS Brussels.