EU Commissioner Füle welcomes Azerbaijani Economic Development Minister Mustafayev at a “critical moment of our relations”

Press Release: The European Azerbaijan Society (TEAS) has welcomed the meeting that took place today in Brussels between Shahin Mustafayev, Azerbaijani Minister of Economic Development and Štefan Füle, EU Commissioner for Enlargement and European Neighbourhood Policy.

Mr Füle said: "We are at a critical moment of our relations: this year offers an opportunity for both the EU and Azerbaijan. I emphasised the high ambitions which the EU retains for the development of our relations, as well as our continued readiness to give concrete support to core reforms such as those of public finance, education, regional development and justice, building on the excellent co-operation already achieved in the energy sector.”

The meeting saw the signing of a €19.5m Financing Agreement to launch the Framework Programme in support of EU–Azerbaijani Agreements. Mr Füle added: “The launch of this substantial programme demonstrates the EU's long-term commitment to support modernisation and reform in Azerbaijan, and to ensure the effective implementation of the commitments undertaken in our Agreements, including the Association Agreement we are currently negotiating, as well as sectoral agreements on mobility and other specific issues.”

Roman Huna, Head, TEAS Belgium stated: “Such meetings between high-level Azerbaijani Ministers and EU officials are beneficial for relations between the two parties. Our objective at TEAS is to contribute towards a better understanding of Azerbaijan across the EU, and promote greater co-operation between Brussels and Baku."

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The full EU press release can be viewed on the Europa website.