European Parliament’s Friends of Azerbaijan Group meets to discuss developing EU–Azerbaijani Trade Relations

Press Release: On 5 March, the Belgian office of The European Azerbaijan Society (TEAS) organised a high-level stakeholders’ meeting in the European Parliament in Brussels in co-operation with Hans Van Baalen MEP (ALDE, The Netherlands). This provided an opportunity for Members of the European Parliament (MEPs) and the European Commission to discuss prospects for EU trade relations with Azerbaijan.

Other participants included Farah Gozalova, Deputy Head of the Azerbaijani Embassy to the European Union (EU), and Luc Devigne, an expert from the Directorate-General Trade of the European Commission.

Roman Huna, Head, TEAS Brussels said: “As one of the most important trading blocs in the world, the EU has many interests in developing trade with Azerbaijan. By organising this event, TEAS aims to contribute towards the increased development of mutual commercial co-operation.”

Hans Van Baalen, MEP, expanded: “The EU actively supports closer trade and economic integration with the EU through the European Neighborhood Policy, which provides the framework for Azerbaijan and the EU to work together for mutual benefit. This is particularly important in the case of Azerbaijan, which is the most important economy in the South Caucasus.”

Farah Gozalova, continued: ”The EU has become Azerbaijan’s main trade partner, with more than a 46 per cent share in its overall external trade over the past few years. There is great potential for further expansion of this relationship. In any case, Azerbaijan will continue, and to be a reliable trade partner of the EU.”

Luc Devigne concluded: “Trade and investment are, in my opinion, a catalyst for increased future co-operation between the EU and Azerbaijan. It is important that the EU continues its efforts to help Azerbaijan to secure membership of the World Trade Organisation. Azerbaijan ranks amongst the most interesting trade partners for the EU, as there are still considerable opportunities for the further development of the trading relationship, to the benefit of both parties.”

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