Press Releases


Press Release: A response by The European Azerbaijan Society (TEAS) to the Council of the European Union’s conclusions on the South Caucasus (3149th Foreign Affairs Council meeting, Brussels, 27 February 2012).


Press Release: The Khojaly Massacre remains the most heinous crime of the Nagorno-Karabakh conflict. On 26 February 1992, this atrocity was carried out by Armenian armed forces, supported by the No. 366 Soviet Infantry Regiment, against the innocent inhabitants of Khojaly, the largest town in the Azerbaijani region of Nagorno-Karabakh. The final death toll of 613 civilians included 106 women, 83 children and 70 elderly people. All Azerbaijanis and all those who support human rights commemorate this date each year, remembering the victims of that terrible event.


Press Release: The date of 20 January is written in blood for Azerbaijanis across the world, for it commemorates the day in 1990 when peaceful demonstrations in Baku, the capital, were violently suppressed by Soviet troops. These demonstrations highlighted the fact that the Azerbaijani independence movement had come of age, and they contributed to the final collapse of the Soviet Union.