An interview with Dennis Sammut, Executive Director, LINKS

Dennis Sammut is the Director of LINKS, the London Information Network on Conflicts and State-building, and is a Trustee of the John Smith Memorial Trust.
He was a member of the Tagliavini Commission on the Conflict in Georgia (2009); Rapporteur of the Caucasus-Caspian Commission under the Chairmanship of the Slovenian Foreign Minister (2007–08); Advisor to the United Nations in Afghanistan (2005–06); and Special Advisor to the South Caucasus Parliamentary Initiative, a parliamentary dialogue process between the parliaments of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia (2002–07).

Dennis Sammut was educated at the London School of Economics and the University of Oxford and has published widely on issues related to the Caucasus Region, the EU neighbourhood and European Security. He also contributes regularly to the international media.