Novruz celebration in London

A staggering 1300 London-based residents from the Caucasus and Central Asia, together with those fascinated by the region, attended a celebration of Novruz at the main quadrant of University College, London (UCL) on 23 March, sponsored by TEAS. This vibrant, colourful and family-oriented celebration showcased the traditions, food and national dress of Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tatarstan (Russian Federation), Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. Food from each of the countries represented was served from their respective tents, and souvenirs and leaflets were distributed.

Although the origins of Novruz remain shrouded in mystery, predating the advent of Christianity and Islam in Azerbaijan, the festival is generally recognised as celebrating the New Year and the time of rebirth at the start of spring. This video shows highlights from the event.