Offside: A Flying Dutchman’s Obsession with an exiled Azerbaijani Football Team

This film by Thomas Goltz focuses on the story of FK Qarabag Agdam, which has been forced to play ‘away’ from its home stadium since 1993, following the Armenian occupation of the city. This was also the year when the club won its last championship.

Arthur Huizinger, a Dutch freelance journalist and writer, became aware of the situation in the early 2000s, and subsequently wrote a photographic book entitled Offside: Football in Exile, in collaboration with photojournalist Dirk-Jan Visser, and a non-fiction novel Never a Homegame: A Football War in the Caucasus, both of which were nominated for several awards. This short film gives the background to the team, contains interviews with former players, who are now Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs), and culminates with the final for the 2014 Azerbaijan Premier League Championship between FK Qarabag and FK Inter.