Video: Khojaly Commemoration (Istanbul)

On 25 February, the victims of the Khojaly Massacre were commemorated at The Seed in the Sakip Sabanci Museum in Istanbul, within the international Justice for Khojaly campaign.

The evening included the world premiere of the documentary Khojaly Witnesses: Tears of Truth, which contains interviews with eyewitnesses. The film was screened in the presence of Zahid Jabbarov, who gave his testimony on camera.

The screening was followed by a concert by the Azerbaijani pianistic maestro Islam Manafov, who has been a resident of Istanbul for 13 years. Manafov’s son and daughter share his pianistic ability, and the evening included a classical performance by his son Abuzar. His daughter Turan also performed some of her own contemplative compositions, alongside an emotionally-charged interpretation of the folk song Lachin ­– a district of Azerbaijan that remains under Armenian occupation.